Summer in Boston 2016

This year, i spent my summer in Boston, Massachusetts. I decided to move in this city to prepare my master degree of Architecture in United States. While i’m studying and preparing all those school requirements, i enjoyed myself to hanging around this beautiful city. First time i came here, this city surprised me with its cool weather ( I came here in Spring, so it was a little bit chilly). I checked weather temperature on my phone app every day to make sure i wore suitable outfits. But, after two weeks later, i started feeling warmer in Boston.

These are my favorite places to take a picture and there are a lot of foods and exciting places to go around these areas. I could spend hours to relax and enjoy the summer breeze around the harbor. Besides, Boston Harbor the best place to seek warmth, pleasure, and beautiful views.

Copley Square (Back Bay) is the center of Boston where you can change train or bus to other lines. This place is beautiful where you can find a market on Tuesday and Friday. There are many merchants and food trucks which selling a lot of stuffs, like fruit and veggies, dairy products, fish, chickens, or Hispanic and Italian foods. Across the Copley Square, there is the famous Boston Public Library where you can search and find anything interesting in a peaceful place ( This is also my favorite place to go after school).

North End is an Italian area ( Little Italy) where you can find church and good Italian restaurants. I tried the creamy  Italian gelato and the taste was so good. Besides, i suggest to hang around in this area in the afternoon to enjoy the sunset.

In this year, i experienced my first 4th of July at the Esplanade along the Charles River. I arrived at 4 pm to enjoy the concert and ate some snacks from the food stands. After the time counted down at 8 pm, the fireworks started to launch, and this is my exciting experience to enjoy the America’s Independence day.

Those are some of my summer stories, i captured another part of my story on my Instagram (@desiayuk) and my snapchat (desiayuk). Thus, since i become more passionate in taking pictures around this city, i hope i will find more new exciting places to discover and review some of them in this blog.


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